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Troop 40072, Year 1

Our final meeting for 2012-2013 year! We had the whole group — 14 Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors together. We started off by writing notes of support to our sister Girl Scouts in Oklahoma, who just experienced a devastating tornado.

We also discussed the things we liked about this year, what we didn’t like as much, and what we’d like to do next year. Then we celebrated! One of the Daisies’ mom brought a cake! Thank you Nycole! Another made cupcakes for the girls to decorate — one of our favorite things to do. Thank you Kathy!

While we all were sad it was over, we all learned a lot this year. The girls said they would really miss their troop. I will miss them too!

My learning curve has been exceptionally steep and now I really feel ready for next year. That said, I think I’ll really need a co-leader next fall and I’m not sure I’ll find one.

Tell me: Have you had trouble finding a co-leader? How did you find one? What did you do if you couldn’t find one? 

The Girl Scout Way

Troop 40072 is working on our Girl Scout Way badge. We are having a party for our last meeting so, for step 1 of the badge, the Juniors are picking a lift-your-spirits song that they’ll perform at the event.

Then we decided to plan the party. At the suggestion of one of the girls, we used the ceremony planning chart in the Junior’s Girl Guide, page 18. We planned the place, refreshments, activities, and closing. We decided to ask Girl Scout families to join in. This is something the Juniors will help the Brownies and Daisies organize.

For another badge step, Step Four, Leave a Place Better than You Found It, we chose to create a walking tour of the school. It is over 50 years old and the property used to be a farm so we thought we could pick four locations around the campus and write short pieces about them in a brochure, as the step suggests.

We closed our meeting early. It was 75 degrees out and–as anyone in the Northeast knows–it’s been a long, long winter! The girls played outside for the rest of the time.

What I’d like to know: Have you done any of the Girl Scout Way badges with your troops? Any suggestions? Pitfalls? Tips? Please share!

The Promise, Proceeds, and Pictures

In our Brownie meeting, we discussed what we’re going to do with the proceeds from our cookies. After reflecting on the Girl Scout Promise, we came up with several ideas for donating  cookies and some of our money, including giving to St. Jude’s Hospital and a local homeless shelter.

We drew a mural to give us more ideas. The activity seemed to help girls combine the concepts of the Girl Scout Program with helping people in the community through cookies.

Everyone liked the idea of giving to St. Jude’s, thinking that the children there would like cookies and also would benefit from a donation.

We had so much fun, we didn’t notice that our time had run out.

Share with us: What are you going to do with donated cookies? Will you give part of the proceeds from your cookie sales to a community organization?

Meeting Anna Maria Chávez at Girl Scout HQ

Troop 40072 has a two-week window to sell cookies. I thought we’d have more time! But, as Girl Scouts, we were prepared to start selling, having role-played our sales pitch in our last session. My two girls came to visit me at work and sold slightly over 70 boxes to GSUSA staff!

Ten of those boxes went to Anna Maria Chávez, who made the visit by meeting with us. She took the time to make both girls feel welcome and important as she does with most Girl Scouts who visit the national office.

I can’t think of any better leadership experience than meeting such a dynamic, successful, and warm-hearted leader of the Girl Scout Movement. Very special, indeed!

We also visited the Girl Scout store to pick up some cookie selling badges for our troop and went to the Girl Scout Museum. All in all, it was an awesome girl-led visit. If there’s some way you can manage to get to yourself and your Girl Scouts to New York City, I think it’s well worth a visit. Staff LOVES to see the girls and meeting Anna Maria Chávez is a wonderful experience.

Junior Journeys, Daisy Petals, and Troop Management

Junior Journeys After a short introduction to each journey, the girl-led process took over and my Juniors started a spirited conversation of their own. After some looking through the Journey books, sharing pictures and impressions, they agreed unanimously: They chose the aMuse Journey. We spent the rest of the activity part of the session acting out different roles.

Daisy Petals

The session went very well with the Juniors. I also had my Daisies at the same time. They are working on their petals and were less enthused about the petal story. I think they are becoming bored with the format of the petal stories. However, I don’t want to vary their activities too much because I’ve noticed transitioning from one thing to the next is more challenging for the Daisies.

Despite the fact I’ve divided our troop into two smaller groups and I have three Daisies and three Juniors, giving each girl enough attention is still challenging. While I work with one age group, often the other group gets off topic. Help!: Have you found it hard to balance troop management with keeping the girls engaged in fun activities? How have you managed?