Cookie Season is Here

Cookie Sale Managers

With cookie season upon us, I’ve been investigating the cookie selling process. People in the know (you know who you are!) have advised me to make sure I get a Troop Cookie Sale Manager. Two moms have volunteered! I found a job description for the role and talked to the product sales people at my council to find out about cookie sale training, which is planned for the beginning of February.

Below, I’ve shared the best description of the cookie sale manager job that I found (thank you Manitou Council!).


Reports to

  • Community Cookie Sale Manager


  • To assure that girls in the troop carry out the cookie sale in an enthusiastic, safe, timely and accurate manner.

Term of Appointment

  • Recruited and appointed by the troop advisor for the term of one cookie sale period.


  • Complete troop cookie sale manager training
  • Be accountable for all troop monies collected from cookie sale.
  • Follow procedures as outlined in the “Troop Cookie Managers Procedures”.
  • Attend a troop meeting prior to the sale to help the girls set a troop goal and to provide safety, sales, program and ordering information and again after the sale to assist them in completing the cookie sale evaluation.
  • Cookie Sale Parent Permission forms until after all money is collected from the girls. Collect and retain copies of original signed.
  • Record all sales in e-budde cookie sale online ordering system by the deadline dates.
  • Ensure for the distribution of awards and program credits to the girls in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Responsible for depositing all monies owed for girl sales into the COUNCIL bank account by established deadline date.
  • Assist the council in clearing outstanding, overdue balances from the troop or individual girls.


  • Become a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA and subscribe to the mission of Girl Scouting.
  • New volunteers provide the names of two references and agree to a background check.
  • Must have e-mail address.

As Troop 40072 gets ready to sell cookies, I’d like to knowWhat are your best tips for the cookie sales? How do you prepare yourself and your troop for the cookie sale?

5 thoughts on “Cookie Season is Here

  1. Rhonda Robinson

    Always remember that Girl Scout Cookie sales is a Program. Girls learn many skills setting up their cookie buisness from goal setting, marketing skills, business ethics etc. Do not forget to check out the pins and or Daisy petals or badges for older girls associated with cookie sales. On top of the program benefits the girls in my troop get to choose how they want to GIVE BACK to the community and DO A FUN ACTIVITY with the money they earn. Always try to get a parent volunteer to head this up and keep from getting overwhelmed. Good Luck!

  2. Georgia

    My best tip would be to use the cookie badges to teach the girls about the sales. They are a good, structured way to introduce them to the program. When my troops were younger we did the badges and then every year after we would do the cookie pin actvities so that we were alwasy going over safety, selling stratagies, goal setting, etc. Make if fun and play it up!!

  3. Dee Miner

    Get help from your parents. Ask someone to be the cookie manager, treasurer (deposit money, write deposits), cookie booth manager. These key positions will help you keep your hair on your head. Also, do a troop training session about what is expected for the girls and the adults. Lastly, always check the money where ever it is. Your are responsible for your troop funds and reports.

  4. Colleen Watts

    Let the girls roll play/practice doing booth sales and selling door to door. This will help reinforce safety with various senarios, help the girls get practice before they go out selling so they are more confident and my Daisies & Brownies love doing it. The leader rolls plays the customer, and I do things like ask them if they would like pet my dog, if they would like something to drink or eat, if they want to come in, while I look over the order sheet, ask them what they are going to do with the money, I say no to the cookies, so the girls practice the Girl Scout manners and say thanks anyway and have a great day. Etc.

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Colleen,
      I love this idea! My troop seems to like acting things out best of all. We’re starting with cookies next week so I think we’ll try this in our meeting. Thanks for your participation! Best, Mary

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