My favorite Sesame Street character has always been Cookie Monster. Well, I did like Grover, especially when he was Super Grover, but I don’t think he is around anymore. Cookie Monster might have retired, for all I know, since my two children are grown and off to college.

My son, who is six feet tall and looks like a linebacker, loves to cook. It’s a good thing, since the boy loves to eat. For his 20th birthday he asked for a gas grill, and this year he texted me that he needed a new skillet and a kettle. How cute! But, then he sent another text that said, “And I lost my ipod, so I could use a Nano, and some new ($100 Nike) basketball shoes.” Then a few minutes later the final text, which simply said “wine glasses.” He is turning 21, after all.

I love to cook with my son; through all the years it was the only time I was sure he was actually listening to me. Are you with me, mothers? One year he started a subscription to the Food Network Magazine and last year for Christmas he bought me a subscription too…wait, I think I ended up paying for that. At any rate, once a month we talk on the phone about the latest issue. I don’t know how much either one of us try the new recipes, but we both love the conversation.

In the January/February issue of the Food Network Magazine there is a great photo of stacks of Thin Mints, Trefoils and Samoas/Caramel deLites (page 147- did you see it?). There is a cookie patch and directions to download the Cookie Finder app if you don’t have girls standing in front of your local grocery store. I love seeing Girl Scouts in the media, even if it’s just cookies (since we all know Girl Scouts is about SO much more than cookies). Where have you seen a cookie advertisement that made you smile? What was the best angle you’ve seen over the years? If you were in charge of the world, how would you let everyone know that this is the time to stock up?