Leading Project Teams Virtually

The Leading Projects Teams Virtually webinar series is designed for Project Team Leaders and Project Team Members to help them become more effective in completing a project in a virtual working environment.

LVPT-image_Page_022The series is made up of three modules taken over a three week period, and a :30 overview of the webinar platform (Blackboard Collaborate) which occurs about 1-2 weeks prior to the first module.  You will be put into learning teams of 3-4 people to go through the series and you must meet your teammates virtually sometime before the first module. Once you go through the Blackboard overview, you can use it to meet with your teammates.

To simulate working virtually each learning team will choose a topic on which they will make a :05 presentation to the rest of the group in Module 3. Teams will need to self-organize between modules to pull their presentation together.  The  Learning teams Instructions Sheet provides more information about what the teams need to do together. 

When you meet as a team initially, you will be asked to select one of the four options below to present on:

  1. Using the internet to crowdsource solutions to council challenges.
  2. A cool tool/app that helps people work virtually.
  3. Promoting teamwork, engagement and motivation in virtual teams.
  4. Pick your own (something related to working on virtual teams.)

NOTE: The first three topics are fairly broad so we recommend you zero in on one particular concept or idea within that theme since you only have :05 to present.

Lastly, we require you obtain a headset with mic for the webinars. The course is designed to promote small group discussion on project management concepts in virtual breakout rooms with your peers. It works better if we can chat using VOIP instead of typing in chat boxes.

For a listing of reasonably priced headsets, try this Amazon page.

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