Workshop 2: Maintaining Momentum


  • Individually watch the IDEO video (the first option below is the full 22-min version featured on Nightline, the second is an 8-min edited down version. We recommend watching the full version), taking care to note their approach to completing projects, then set up a time to meet with your partner online in Blackboard (or by phone) to discuss the IDEO approach

Check out this Summary detailing lessons from IDEO.

Module Agenda:

  • Reconnect
  • Breakout 1:Project Charter discussion
  • Project Progress and Prototyping principles
  • Breakout 2: How does IDEO’s prototyping approach look at the Council level?
  • Communication platforms – pros and cons

Session Slides: LVPT – Module 2 -2-19-2014

Going Deeper:

A graphically illustrated talk by Dan Pink on what keeps people motivated and engaged with projects.

A short article about what design thinking might look like at a non-profit.

A TED talk video of a high school teacher who applied Design Thinking principles with her class