Workshop 1: Getting Connected

Leading Project Teams Virtually – Module 1: Getting Connected explores how to connect team members virtually and identify key questions to be asked when scoping projects. You will also have the opportunity to identify key roles on project teams.


Once you’ve completed the steps in the Learning Team Instructions Sheet, download Module 1 Prework Slides and take 10-min to review them prior to Module 1. 

Blackboard Links for Learning Teams to meet in

LPTV Playroom – A – Owner (teleconference option for Room “A” 571-392-7703; Pin = 905 901 375 956)

LPTV Playroom – A – Guest

LPTV Playroom – B – Owner (teleconference option for Room “B” 571-392-7703; Pin = 391 460 485 013)

LPTV Playroom – B – Guest

Module Agenda:

  • Connecting the team in virtual space
  • Breakout 1: Sharing our own best practices
  • Running Virtual Meetings Best practices
  • Breakout 2: Working thru roles and team standards

Session Slides:  LVPT – Module 1 – 2-12-2014

Going Deeper:

This short presentation provides 10 tips for leading virtual teams.

A short article on the challenges with virtual meetings.

This link takes you to a site where you can get a free chat widget that you can Create & Embed into your Webpage, Blog or Social network. profile