1. Leadership and Personal Accountability

Leadership and personal accountability looks at how leadership is personal in that it is a direct reflection of your personal values. For many “leadership” questions, there is often no one right answer but an answer that makes sense to you (i.e. is consistent with your value system). This module helps answer the question “who is responsible for showing leadership?”

Module Agenda:

    • Who’s here and where are we going? (10-min)
    • Beliefs and their impact on what we see and do
        • Breakout discussion (10-min)
        • Mainroom discussion (10-min)
    • What does leadership mean/look like to me?
        • Breakout (10-min)
        • Main room discussion (10-min)
    • Summary (10-min)

Download: LPAv2 slides


If you are not familiar with the Blackboard webinar platform, please watch the four short Blackboard orientation videos on the PL homepage sometime before your series starts.

Print out the Beliefs Test, complete it, and bring it with you to the first session.

Going Deeper:



  • Compelling article by Meg Wheatley on how we need to shift our thinking from leaders as heroes to those of leader as host.
  • Nice collection of short articles on the topic of “Leadership is Personal.”

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