2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence examines what is meant by emotional intelligence and why it is a key to effective leadership. Concepts explored here include “self-awareness and management” and “relationship-management” as well as the importance of making yourself vulnerable by opening yourself up to feedback.

Watch the three short videos below on emotional intelligence, self-awareness and seeking feedback.

Module Agenda:
•Who’s here? (:10)
•EI recap

  • Breakout discussion (:10)
  • Main room discussion (:10)
  • EI recap and the case for seeking feedback (:10)

•Seeking feedback as leaders

Breakout discussion (:10)

Main room discussion (:10)
•What are my strengths?
_How to assess strengths (:05)
–Breakout discussion (:10)
–Main room discussion (:10)
•Summary (:05)
Download EIv3 slides

Going Deeper:


Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence


  • A thought provoking article detailing What Makes a Leader and the role emotional intelligence plays in success and business.
  • Here you will find a thorough assessment detailing links between specific elements of emotional intelligence and specific behaviors associated with leadership effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
  • An interesting article on a survey done with 7000+ managers on how women and men scored on the top desirable leadership characteristics.
  • A very short follow up article in Forbes citing the research above.
  • An article sharing a “5 dimensions model” women leaders can use to become “more self-confident and effective business leaders” from McKinsey Quarterly.
  • The Kiersey Temperament Sorter is a free “work style” assessment you can take online.  It will give you a style score that aligns with the more well known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  This type of data can give you insight into your preferred ways of leading and interacting with others.