4. Leading Change

In Module 4, we examine change from a macro and personal level and discuss how you can best focus your energies when trying to help the your team adapt to the change.


Print out Handwriting Exercise handout and bring to the session.

Module Agenda:

  • Introductions (:15)
  • Change curve model/story (:10)
  • Preparing people for change (:10)
  • Adapting to journeys and GSLE (:20)
  • Summary (:05)

Download LCv3.

Going Deeper:


Pat Zigarmi – Leading Change
On the speaker’s platform, Pat is both engaging and passionate. She blends power and warmth, as well as knowledge and instinct, which translates into messages that are informative, entertaining, and practical. Because of her direct contact with clients and her unwavering devotion to understanding and meeting their specific needs, she delivers hard-hitting keynote speeches and programs that consistently result in repeat engagements.

Dan Heath: Want Your Organization to Change? Put Feelings First
When we want people to change, we try to teach them something. We think if my Dad just understood the health complications obesity causes, he’d eat healthier. Or if my teenager just understood the danger of texting & driving, she’d quit it. The problem is this: Knowledge rarely leads to change.

Gary Bradt – Change and Leadership Expert
For many years, Spencer Johnson, M.D. endorsed Dr. Gary Bradt as the leading speaker worldwide on Johnson’s bestseller Who Moved My Cheese? Now, Dr. Bradt is expanding his influence, with exciting new presentations on change, leadership and life balance. He shares his unique and penetrating insights into what it takes to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world. Under his guidance, audiences learn to exchange stress for success and return to their lives eager for the next challenge.

Understanding The Change Curve When Leading Change – Derrick Strand
Leading people through change is difficult. Understanding the Change Curve will help you understand the emotional components of change and what you need to focus on to help employees through the change so they can be more productive with improved morale.


  • Take a look at this 8-Step Change Model detailing how to implement change powerfully and successfully.
  • This Inc. article describes what it means to create an organization that lives change.
  • Weisbord change guidelines. Remember these  for helping people in a major change.