Inner Simplicity

It seems like a busy time of year to be talking about inner simplicity. There is nothing simple about orchestrating the gift giving, keeping track of the social events and managing those end-of-the-year school projects. Did I mention baking?

One of the ultimate objectives of attaining inner simplicity is being able to live in the present moment. Not just survive, but actually breathe and engage. That’s important because life is just a continuous succession of present moments. Most of us spend an inordinate number of our moments regretting the past, fidgeting in the present, or worrying about future. We miss a lot of life that way.

Here is a simple activity that I’m fond of doing because it brings me to a place of peace. Before I go to bed at night I often step out the back door. If it’s summer time I might walk into the backyard, if it’s winter time I only linger on the steps. Some days I just poke my head out the door. What I want to do is see the sky. I want a silent, meditative moment with the night sky.

You could also invite your family members out the back door one night. Have a breath of fresh air and stand together, silently gazing at the stars. A moment of simplicity. It also works with friends in the parking lot after dinner, or with girls in the middle of a giggly evening activity.

These days Orion is just over the Tulip Popular tree to the right. In the summer I see the Big Dipper over my neighbor’s house on the left. It’s just a simple moment that puts perspective on my day.  And any moment can change your life- you just have to be there.