Junior Journeys, Daisy Petals, and Troop Management

Junior Journeys After a short introduction to each journey, the girl-led process took over and my Juniors started a spirited conversation of their own. After some looking through the Journey books, sharing pictures and impressions, they agreed unanimously: They chose the aMuse Journey. We spent the rest of the activity part of the session acting out different roles.

Daisy Petals

The session went very well with the Juniors. I also had my Daisies at the same time. They are working on their petals and were less enthused about the petal story. I think they are becoming bored with the format of the petal stories. However, I don’t want to vary their activities too much because I’ve noticed transitioning from one thing to the next is more challenging for the Daisies.

Despite the fact I’ve divided our troop into two smaller groups and I have three Daisies and three Juniors, giving each girl enough attention is still challenging. While I work with one age group, often the other group gets off topic.¬†Help!: Have you found it hard to balance troop management with keeping the girls engaged in fun activities? How have you managed?

4 thoughts on “Junior Journeys, Daisy Petals, and Troop Management

  1. Therese M.

    It’s always tough to try to guide two groups doing different things at the same time. I would hope that as the girls get more familiar with the format of the troop meetings they’ll develop the habits that will keep them focused in the program materials. I think for your current programming, I would try to combine the petals and aMuse to keep the girls in one group that you can oversee the whole. Perhaps have the older girls read the story and join the Daisies in discussing the line of the law, and also think about what roles could be representative/indicative of that quality. Sorry I’m not more familiar with the Junior Journeys so I can’t help more. Take heart: even with all the girls at the same level they’ll veer off topic!

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Therese!
      Thanks for the encouragement. This past Daisy/Junior meeting, I had another volunteer which made it much easier. The Daisies worked on their petals while the Juniors wrapped up some work on the Simple Meals badge. One Daisy said it was the best meeting ever. The Juniors would like to help the Daisies but I find the Daisies don’t really want help from them. I think it feels like they are being bossed around by the bigger girls. I’ll keep trying though! Thanks again for the input. Best, Mary

  2. KS

    I know this is an older post, but in case it helps someone: we had the same issues with the Daisy petal stories after our first few meetings, even with a troop of *just* Daisies. Our girls were pretty active, and when all of them got together the “read and discuss” format tended not to go so well for us. We ended up channeling that energy into activities (making things, playing games, field trips) that followed the spirit of what the Daisy petals were supposed to be about, rather than feeling tied to working “by the book.” We read some of the stories in the background as the girls worked on crafts (if they seemed quiet enough that day), but other stories we skipped altogether if the girls were happily learning about that petal theme by doing something else. For example, we earned “respect yourself and others” by going bowling, learning and following the rules, and showing good sportsmanship. Maybe some of the petal goals could be brought out in more active things that would also count towards your older girls’ badge work? I know that takes even more thinking and planning than following the guide already does, but maybe the Juniors would have some ideas about ways to tie them together? Good luck, I have so much respect for those who take on a multi-level troop!

    1. Mary McLean-Hely Post author

      Hi KS!

      What a great idea! Now that it’s summer and we won’t be meeting after school, I was thinking we could do a few activities. I could have the Juniors and/or Brownies come up with ideas for integrating the petal concepts into activities.

      I like your thinking on the topic. And thanks for the encouragement about the multi-level troop. It has been a challenge! I sometimes wonder what I was thinking but then again, after every meeting, I’m so happy I’m doing this.

      Thanks for participating!


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