Journeys with Troop 40072

Troop 40072 starts meeting again this Wednesday. Since I haven’t found a co-leader for the troop, I’m splitting the group into two sections: Daisies & Juniors (I have six in all) and Brownies (the rest of the troop). I think this will make meetings easier to manage and I will be able to focus more on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Thanks to blog readers who suggested I do it this way!

In the fall, we learned about Girl Scouts in general: the session structure, the handshake, the promise and law, a few songs, the friendship circle, the snacks, and of course, the badges! And by “we learned” I mostly mean, “I learned” since my knowledge of the Girl Scouts in practice was very limited, even though I work at the national office. The girls knew a lot about Girl Scouts even though some of them had not been Girl Scouts.

All this to say, I think the girls and I are ready to start the journeys. In the next two weeks, I’ll start Journeys with each level in my troop. I’m really excited!

What I’d like to know: What has your experience been with the Journeys? Was it hard to get the girls to decide on one? Any tips or tricks to use when working with them? Please share!

7 thoughts on “Journeys with Troop 40072

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi again Shari,
      Wow! Your council has a great website! Thanks for the link. I’ve found other resources I can use with my troop.

  1. Flonnie High-Allan

    I am surprised that a payed staff member from GSUSA can be a troop leader.
    Councils don’t let Council staffers have troops, so why is GSUSA letting you have one when we can’t?

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Flonnie,
      GSUSA and my council are actually separate non-profit entities so I’m not volunteering for my own organization. They allow this at GSUSA. It helps keep us aware of what the volunteers are going through — the joys, the challenges, the fun, and the obstacles. I’ve found it challenging to be a volunteer without a Girl Scout background, so I’m hoping to help others like me. Thanks for participating! Mary

  2. Angela Price

    I have been a leader for over 5 years with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. I am an avid reader of Greenblood news (by the way, a wonderful resource in itself) and this website given as a resource of helping plan out journeys and badge work. So far looking at this site from the Girl Scouts River Valleys the planning guides can be used as great starting points or by themselves! Hope this helps!

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Angela! We’re hoping to make this a great resource for Girl Scout Volunteers. I’ve found the Greenblood News and Gab hugely helpful as well. I’m thrilled you’re participating here with five years experience. I think the planning guides were helpful getting started. My juniors just decided on a Journey so we’ll see how it all goes. Thanks, Mary

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