Super Storm Sandy

Our area was hit hard–hard!–by Hurricane Sandy. Troop 40072 didn’t meet this week. We didn’t have school and most troop families didn’t have power. Halloween was canceled. One week in, we still don’t know when the power will be restored or when school will start again. Like many in this area, my family has been trying to: 1) stay safe and warm and 2) keep children busy and somewhat stimulated, in the midst of a natural disaster.

We have been visiting family and friends. We have been reading Girl’s Guides to Girl Scouting. We’ve been talking about how people cope without power around the world. And why there are police officers around gas stations. We’ve been playing games on the iPad, charged in the car when we couldn’t plug in. We’ve been having playdates and gone for walks. And we’ve been bored.

I’m wondering how other people are coping. Tell me: How has Girl Scouts helped girls in similar situations–natural disasters, schools closed, power outages? How are you helping your children cope? How can I support the families of our troop who are also at home, potentially for another week, without meeting?

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  1. Amy

    GSCI Cadette Troop 2255 here and we are very sorry to hear so many of our fellow scouts dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. How many girls are in your troop? Are there any troop or council-wide efforts to help get the communities affected by Sandy? My troop and my Service Area would like to help in any way we can.

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Amy,
      What a wonderful offer! We’ve just gotten back to school as power has finally been restored to our area. I think what we need now is a return to normalcy. I will let Troop 40072 know about your offer though — it’s nice to have support at a time like this. Best, Mary

  2. Karen Zengel

    I have an 8th grader who is looking to do a silver Award project for victims of Hurricane Sandy. We are in California so, from this far away, she’s unsure of what to do other than a fundraiser and that does not qualify for the Silver requirements of sustainability. She was considering starting a disaster relief club at her school. What kinds of connections can she make with kids struck by Sandy, how could she help them, and how can she connect them with kids in CA? Ideas?

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Karen,
      What a wonderful idea for a Silver Award Project. I will do some research today and get back to you. The hardest hit areas, as you may know, were parts of the NJ shore, Staten Island and Long Island. I think people still need a lot of help and support in these areas. I’ll see what I can find out. Thanks so much for the post — although the storm was terrible, it’s really wonderful to see how people want to help. More later, Mary

      1. mmclean Post author

        Hi again Karen!
        I asked around GSUSA and found that they have created a set of guides on responding to disasters. One is for the girls and the other for parents and other adults. In the guides they have suggestions on ways to help. They are not on the website so I will email them to you separately.
        Good luck with the Silver Award!

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