The Girl Scout Way

Troop 40072 is working on our Girl Scout Way badge. We are having a party for our last meeting so, for step 1 of the badge, the Juniors are picking a lift-your-spirits song that they’ll perform at the event.

Then we decided to plan the party. At the suggestion of one of the girls, we used the ceremony planning chart in the Junior’s Girl Guide, page 18. We planned the place, refreshments, activities, and closing. We decided to ask Girl Scout families to join in. This is something the Juniors will help the Brownies and Daisies organize.

For another badge step, Step Four, Leave a Place Better than You Found It, we chose to create a walking tour of the school. It is over 50 years old and the property used to be a farm so we thought we could pick four locations around the campus and write short pieces about them in a brochure, as the step suggests.

We closed our meeting early. It was 75 degrees out and–as anyone in the Northeast knows–it’s been a long, long winter! The girls played outside for the rest of the time.

What I’d like to know: Have you done any of the Girl Scout Way badges with your troops? Any suggestions? Pitfalls? Tips? Please share!