The Promise, Proceeds, and Pictures

In our Brownie meeting, we discussed what we’re going to do with the proceeds from our cookies. After reflecting on the Girl Scout Promise, we came up with several ideas for donating  cookies and some of our money, including giving to St. Jude’s Hospital and a local homeless shelter.

We drew a mural to give us more ideas. The activity seemed to help girls combine the concepts of the Girl Scout Program with helping people in the community through cookies.

Everyone liked the idea of giving to St. Jude’s, thinking that the children there would like cookies and also would benefit from a donation.

We had so much fun, we didn’t notice that our time had run out.

Share with us: What are you going to do with donated cookies? Will you give part of the proceeds from your cookie sales to a community organization?

2 thoughts on “The Promise, Proceeds, and Pictures

  1. Diane

    Hi Mary, those are wonderful ideas. I am a little confused on the donation of money, though. I thought that the troops were not allowed to donate money, only noncash items?

    1. mmclean Post author

      Hi Diane,
      Thank you! We had a lot of fun with that activity. Regarding the money question, in our council, some troops have donated cookie money. However, we have not decided what we’re going to do yet. We don’t even get cookies until the end of April. We will probably try to do more of a project than a straight donation.

      How has your troop used cookie money?


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