Troop 40072, Year 1

Our final meeting for 2012-2013 year! We had the whole group — 14 Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors together. We started off by writing notes of support to our sister Girl Scouts in Oklahoma, who just experienced a devastating tornado.

We also discussed the things we liked about this year, what we didn’t like as much, and what we’d like to do next year. Then we celebrated! One of the Daisies’ mom brought a cake! Thank you Nycole! Another made cupcakes for the girls to decorate — one of our favorite things to do. Thank you Kathy!

While we all were sad it was over, we all learned a lot this year. The girls said they would really miss their troop. I will miss them too!

My learning curve has been exceptionally steep and now I really feel ready for next year. That said, I think I’ll really need a co-leader next fall and I’m not sure I’ll find one.

Tell me: Have you had trouble finding a co-leader? How did you find one? What did you do if you couldn’t find one? 

2 thoughts on “Troop 40072, Year 1

  1. Caroline Bridgers

    Hi Mary!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year. I think one key to having a great troop is to have 2 consistent coleaders to share the load.

    Lots of people are hesitant to volunteer to be the official co-leader, though. They fear that it will be a headache and too much for them to handle. The way my coleader originally got me on board was she didn’t ask for a coleader, just for one adult to consistently be present at most of the meetings and “help out”. Well, that was easy enough to do, and didn’t feel like a huge committment. By just showing up every two weeks, and helping her with activities she had planned, I saw that the troop was really great and the activities were fun – and I had ideas of my own. So the next year it was a no-brainer to be officially listed as “co-leader”.

    Another way to recruit coleader(s) would be to have certain adults specializing in leading activities for their child’s age group — I see you have Daisies – Juniors, which is a pretty big spread. That would be very hard to lead, without at least 2 other adults consistently present at every meeting. The trick it, just don’t call it “co-leader” — people are scared of that title (in my opinion).

    1. Mary McLean-Hely Post author

      Hi Caroline!

      Thanks for your comment and your suggestion. That makes so much sense — to sign someone up as simply an adult helper and see if it develops into more. Next year, I will just have brownies and juniors so one other person might be enough. We may have meetings less often too so it wouldn’t seem like a big time commitment.

      Thanks again for participating!!


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